Field Book


Field Book is an open-source Android app that can be used to collect data on field research plots. When used in place of paper field books, it eliminates the need for data transcription and reduces the risk of errors. It runs on a wide range of inexpensive hardware, allowing consumer-grade technology to be used in environments where cost and inflexibility have been limiting factors. The source code for Field Book is available on GitHub.

Getting Started

Field Book can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or can be installed manually from the latest GitHub Release. After installing the app, all permissions should be accepted and sample data consisting of three fields and traits can be optionally loaded. The images in the documentation utilize the sample data.


Primary Field Book screen

Primary Field Book screen

Field Book contains a home screen with links to the major sections of the app. To use Field Book:

  1. Import your fields Fields

  2. Create traits Traits

  3. Optionally modify any settings Settings

  4. Navigate to collect Collect

  5. export Export data to a CSV (comma separated value) file

The changelog Changelog can be accessed from the top toolbar to see new features and additions to the app.